FF7 Remake Intergrade finally on Xbox Series? An announcement is coming

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FF7 Remake Intergrade could finally be released on Xbox Series and Xbox One. Two years after its initial launch, PS5 exclusivity is coming to an end and Square Enix is ​​preparing an announcement around the game.

Following statements from Square Enix and then Nomura, FF Remake 2 is on everyone’s lips. However, some are still waiting to discover Cloud, Aerith and Tifa more beautiful than ever: Xbox gamers. Their turn may have finally come.

FF7 Remake Intergrade soon on Xbox Series?

FF7 Remake on Xbox Series? It would finally be time. And Square Enix obviously has an announcement to make around the title bringing together the first part of the remake and the DLC centered around Yuffie. The publisher has just re-registered the FF7 Remake Intergrade brand in Japan (via Gematsu), a sign that he is preparing something around the title.

The game is already available on PS5 and PC, it seems that the Xbox Series and Xbox One versions are talking about them. PlayStation console exclusivity was renewed for a year when FF7 Remake Intergrade was released on PS5 in June 2021. With the contract between Square Enix and Sony coming to an end, the Japanese publisher can finally release it on Xbox consoles.

We won’t have to wait long for news, since announcements around Final Fantasy VII are expected in early June to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the adventures of Cloud and his gang. FF7 Remake 2 could also show itself on this occasion.

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