FF7 Remake 2 should finally show up next month

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Final Fantasy fans are in for a treat in June. In addition to the global license announcements, Square Enix may release FF7 Remake 2 news for the game’s 25th anniversary.

This time it’s the right one? Two years after the launch of the first part of the reimagined adventures of Cloud and his gang, FF7 Remake 2 could finally show itself next month. Tetsuya Nomura, game director, has indeed indicated during a livestream dedicated to the mobile battle royale, First Soldier, that there will be many announcements around Final Fantasy 7 next month.

A teaser of FF7 Remake 2 for the 25thand game birthday?

Square Enix could make fans happy both to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the license and to celebrate the anniversary of Final Fantasy VII as it should be. The publisher had recently confirmed that it would make several announcements around the saga in the coming weeks. With all this information, it’s highly likely that fans will finally have some news about FF7 Remake 2, in addition to the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 trailer.

This will undoubtedly be the occasion to announce the release date of the mobile game Ever Crisis, retracing the events of all the FF7 games. Recent clues would also point to a release in September. It’s also speculated that a certain FF9 Remake is also in development thanks to Nvidia’s leak. Whatever happens, Final Fantasy fans are in for a treat in June. We imagine that Square Enix will not communicate intensely on FF7 Remake 2 until the sixteenth numbered opus has not been released. We will certainly have to settle for a teaser to make our mouths water and a few details here and there.

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