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Characters are one of the key elements of Dragon Age and BioWare knows this very well. For its next opus, the studio seems to want to set the bar even higher.

BioWare always has a knack for getting fans excited. While the game is not expected by summer 2023 at the very least, the developers continue to release some details around Dragon Age 4 and its development.

Even more elaborate characters in Dragon Age 4

Mass Effect 5 is only at the beginning of its development but Dragon Age 4 is progressing well. We have known since the beginning of the year that the next adventures in the lands of Thedas and beyond are taking shape. If BioWare doesn’t want to show the game right away, production is halfway done. It will nevertheless be necessary to be patient before having a new trailer or more concrete images going beyond the concept arts served by the studio for the moment.

As usual, BioWare still wanted to give some news about the game discreetly in its blog post. In the latest, the developers have been particularly enthusiastic about the characters of the game. According to them, the fellow travelers and the NPCs crossed will have even more personality than before.

Improved technique and more personality

I can’t wait to talk about the cool stuff we’re working on technically for Dragon Age. We take characters very seriously and do everything we can to give them even more personality than they’ve ever had in the past. I can’t say more yet, but we will very soon.

– Maciej Kurowski, Technical Director of Dragon Age 4

Enough to excite fans, since the secondary characters and companions are one of the strengths of the franchise. With such remarks, there is something to expect a big leap forward, both in terms of writing and animations. ” We can’t wait to show you more. It’s gonna be something amazing promises the technical director again. As a reminder, the main screenwriter of Dragon Age and its universe, David Gaider, has long since left the ship. It will mainly be new blood that will come to tell new stories. Perhaps this is the revival the franchise needed? Answer within several months or even years.

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