Epic Games partners with NASA to create VR experiences on Mars

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For now, man is still far from walking on Mars. But one of the ways to prepare for it is to use technology at our fingertips like… virtual reality! Explanations.

NASA, which needs no introduction, has just launched a partnership with Epic Games to create virtual reality experiences based on the planet Mars. Here’s how it works: A program called MarsXR was launched through the HeroX platform to allow different studios to participate in NASA-sponsored challenges. In this case it is the Unreal Engine 5 which is at the center of attention. This MarsXR challenge will thus offer various rewards to the studios that win the challenge for the best Martian VR experience.

To infinity and beyond Mars

Developers will have access with MarsXR to a lot of content to help them in this quest. Including a virtual world with no less than 400 km² of environment of the planet Mars as well as a day/night cycle and simulated gravity. In other words, Epic Games is going to provide a good base to start with. 5 types of virtual reality experience are requested by NASA in relation to the planet Mars:

  • Installation of a base camp
  • Scientific Research
  • Maintenance
  • Exploration
  • A “free” category called “Impress us”.

There is still a tidy sum of $70,000 to be won, which is divided into 20 individual prizes. At the moment there are 24 teams taking part in the contest. Like what technologies that revolve around video games can really have a great success in research. Mars soon accessible in virtual reality in a realistic way?

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