Elden Ring’s studio will continue to create challenging games

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Hidetaka Miyazaki does not give in to the pressure: his future games will be just as demanding. For the president and director of FromSoftware, it’s part of the studio’s identity.

At a time when FromSoftware titles are hijacked to create debates on the difficulty, Hidetaka Miyazaki (Elden Ring, Blooborne…) does not give up and claims the identity of the studio. The easy mode is not for tomorrow!

The difficulty rooted in the DNA

“You have perished”, a screen seen by all players of FromSoftware titles. While some are perfectly fine with it, understanding the vision of these productions, others reject this requirement altogether. Well for the second category, you’ll have to get used to it…

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president and game director of the studio, and his teams are not ready to give up the difficulty. It’s their DNA.

We are constantly looking to improve, but in our games, difficulty is what gives meaning to the experience. So it’s not something we’re willing to give up just yet. It’s our identity.

can we read in the columns of the New York Times.

He himself does not consider himself a PGM:

I die a lot. This is why, in my work, I want to answer the question: if death should be more than a marker of failure, how can it be given meaning? How to make death pleasant? When I play these games, I tell myself that’s how I’d like to die – in a way that’s fun, interesting, or that shapes a story I could share. Death and rebirth, trial and overcoming – we want it to be a pleasant cycle. In life, death is a terrible thing. In the game, it can be something else.

FromSoftware is not sorry

However, Miyazaki-san also showed a little compassion…even though it won’t affect his vision:

I apologize to those who feel that there are too many obstacles to overcome in my games. I just want as many players as possible to experience the joy of overcoming difficulty..

Elden Ring, which is breaking sales records, is already more accessible than other Souls, even if this feeling seems true for the first ten hours of play and things get complicated beyond that.

Do you understand this philosophy and the fact that FromSoftware does not want to deviate from it? Is the difficulty of Souls an issue for you? Or on the contrary, do you think there are enough accessible games on the market? Tell us everything comments.

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