EA will release four games including a remake and Dragon Age 4?

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EA should start 2023 with a bang. The publisher revealed its schedule for the first quarter of the coming year with four games, potentially including Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 and Dragon Age 4.

On the sidelines of the announcement of its financial results, EA has confirmed an open secret: the divorce between the publisher and FIFA, which means that the next football game will be called EA Sports FC. FIFA, for its part, intends to develop a competitor which will therefore be called FIFA 24. And if the reports are of little interest to the general public, they often contain valuable information on the companies’ future games. The proof is with the American publisher, which obviously plans a great program for the next 10.

Four EA games by early 2023 including Dragon Age 4?

Electronic Arts is indeed planning four new unknown games for the first quarter of 2023. And the company has already given clues about their nature. PGA Tour, expected for this same period will be accompanied by another sports game, potentially UFC 5. Alongside them, a title developed by a partner studio that may refer to an EA Originals or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2. The third is a remake and Dead Space, recently pushed back to 2023, fits into that box.

The last, on the other hand, is a game based on “a major license”. And there the candidates are fewer. It could be a big yet unannounced game or it could be Dragon Age 4. Serious rumors suggested that the game could indeed be released in early 2023. And since development is progressing well, that seems to bode well. Maybe we’ll find out more at Summer Game Fest 2022?

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