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Following the failure of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts needs player feedback to avoid repeating the same mistakes. So the editor decided to ask them their opinion on what they liked or disliked.

Can Battlefield 2042 turn the corner like its rival? EA hopes so. The publisher has in any case again affirmed that it wants to follow the game over the long term, even if the last big update did not bring in the crowds. The American firm is most certainly betting on the first season of Battlefield 2042 and also a little on you.

Returning players to shape the future of Battlefield?

Electronic Arts sent a survey to Battlefield 2042 players to collect their opinion and therefore help them shape the future of the game and even the license. More specifically, the publisher wants to collect their feelings on several key aspects of the FPS, such as maps, specialists, variety of weapons and vehicles, travel time between objectives, respawn time, number of players max and more. In short, so many questions necessary to take the temperature before making changes, or not.

Again, if EA promises a follow-up over several years for Battlefield 2042, it cannot be excluded that this survey actually has another purpose: to prepare the ground for the next opus. DICE is known to be already thinking about the future Battlefield game, and knowing specifically what players liked or disliked about the one that flopped seems vital for the sequel. The studio has every intention of not repeating the same mistakes as Battlefield 2042 and we understand why. The elements quoted in the questionnaire seem to tackle too concrete elements that could not be changed, or at least not immediately.

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