DICE would have learned the lesson of the failure of 2042 for the future

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It remains information to be taken with the tweezers of circumstance but the Insider Tom Henderson has just published a new report concerning the future of Battlefield.

It’s no longer a secret, Battlefield 2042 was not a success and it was the publisher EA who confessed this during the last financial report. Under these conditions, we suspect that the DICE studio is actively thinking about the future of the Battlefield saga. Obviously taking into account all these considerations.

A wake up call for Battlefield

The always very informed Tom Henderson recently published a note in XFire in which he explains that a source tells him that the next Battlefield is under development. Nothing surprising about that, but we can learn above all that DICE became fully aware of the failure of 2042 and took the decision to remove certain features.

I think we’re going to roll back a lot of the changes we made to Battlefield 2042.

Back to basics?

It’s interesting because the latest game was intended to act as a benchmark for the saga. We can therefore imagine a lot of things such as potentially the return of a single-player campaign, the end of the maps in 128 players and above all perhaps the return of conventional armies. Without necessarily going through having to invent a little laughable stories from scratch to bring a little more depth to the soldiers. Just because it works on Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t mean it works for Battlefield too.

The Battlefield saga also works precisely because the game allows you to play an anonymous, a soldier in the middle of many others and do what you want with them.

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