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Sony will introduce an updated console in August.

There is no doubt that Sony is preparing to release an updated version of the PS5 with changes in appearance. An insider Tom Henderson talked about such a console last year – it should be with a removable drive. Now he has clarified some details.

According to him, the conditional PlayStation 5 Slim will not be “thin”, that is, it will not be positioned as a lightweight version of the console. And it is unlikely that the console will receive the word Slim in the title.

The updated set-top box with a removable drive will allegedly be positioned as an improved version. The upcoming PS5 will replace the existing models, which, apparently, will be discontinued, the journalist writes. Whether the new version will differ in performance from the original PS5 is unknown.

According to rumors, Sony will introduce an updated console in August, and it will be released before the end of this year. It will cost $399.

What we know about the new PS5 variants

  • Almost three years have passed since the release of the main console, so the release of improved versions has long been asking for. Earlier, court documents revealed that Microsoft is confident in the release of the PlayStation 5 Slim before the end of this year.
  • There are also rumors about the PlayStation 5 Pro, a more powerful version of the main console that has better hardware and will be able to run at a higher screen resolution.
  • Thus, the conditional Slim model will replace the Digital Edition on the market, and the firmware will become an alternative to the basic PlayStation 5 with a floppy drive.

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