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Sources have previously said that the PS5 Slim will cost $399.

In August, Sony will hold some kind of event, within which not only new games will be shown, but the PlayStation 5 Slim will also be presented. About this on my Twitter account. informed known insider under the nickname Shpeshal_Nick.

According to an insider, the upcoming August show will be comparable in scale to presentations like the PlayStation Showcase or PlayStation State of Play.

It is mentioned that in this way Sony plans not to get lost in the news agenda amid reports of the completion of the merger of rival Microsoft with Activision Blizzard, which should take place before the end of this month.

Until now, little information has appeared in the media about the features of the PS5 Slim. According to rumors, the console will have a redesigned design: overall dimensions will be reduced, as will energy consumption, and cooling will become more efficient. Another innovation will be the presence of a removable drive connected via a USB Type-C port on the rear panel.

Microsoft previously confirmed that the updated PS5 will be released towards the end of 2023 and will cost $399.99.

What we know about the new PS5 variants

  • Three years have passed since the release of the main console, so the release of the traditional, more compact version has long been suggested. There is no doubt that the PS5 Slim exists and is on its way to release this year.
  • And already in 2024, a more powerful version of the console from Sony is expected to be released – PS5 Pro. It will have better hardware and will be able to deliver more FPS and/or run at a higher screen resolution.
  • It is assumed that in the future Sony will completely stop releasing existing versions of the PlayStation 5. Thus, the Slim model will replace the Digital Edition on the market, and the firmware will become an alternative to the basic PlayStation 5 with a drive.

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