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Scenes not retained for the final version of The Last of Us Part II have been revealed. Several sequences that could have been playable with a pissed off and different looking Ellie.

In cinema as in video games, it regularly happens that content is deleted before the final version. And The Last of Us 2 knows something about it. Unseen footage has just surfaced, almost two years after Naughty Dog’s game was released. Spoiler alert!!!!

Between dance and hunt, the cut scenes of The Last of Us 2

YouTuber Speclizer, with the help of videographer Angel-gbc, datamined footage that didn’t make it into the final version of The Last of Us 2. One of them was explained by game director Neil Druckmann to Troy Baker, Joel’s voice actor.

One of the scenes, which was practically in the box, would have seen Ellie relentlessly hunting a boar for food. But not only. Indeed, she would have had an irrepressible urge to kill the animal because of her post-traumatic stress caused by the extremely brutal death of Joel. After the warthog was coldly slaughtered, she would have heard Joel’s cries of agony as it died. So why delete this so close to the point? Neil Druckmann cites “pacing and production” reasons.

The scene at the local ball, where Ellie and Dina kiss, obviously should have been interactive. How? We do not know. On the other hand, in the video, the model of Ellie differs. She would have had a closer haircut than the one she has at the end of the game.

An exploration of the city of Jackson

Presumably, the first version of Jackson’s town was to provide players with greater freedom of exploration. A building would have made the junction to the main street. In the end, the decision was made to condense this passage and not make the party sequence playable. Minor deletions. Last year, players had also discovered hidden details and we could see gameplay from an alpha version. Are there other secrets to unearth?

The Last of Us Part II, which is available on PS5 and PS4, could welcome its multiplayer Factions at the same time as the remake of the first episode. As for the HBO Max series, it recently showed its loyalty with the reproduction of a TLOU moment.

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