crossplay is here, but where are the Xbox and Switch versions?

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Things are moving for Fall Guys in the middle of the season with the addition of crossplay for all game modes. The Mediatonic studio has also reassured about the state of the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions.

An update mid season 6 arrived for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With it, crossplay is limitless between PlayStation consoles and PC. The teams took stock of the new features to come.

The festive brawl between PS5, PS4 and PC players

The title of Mediatonic, whose season 6 is in full swing, has therefore been updated to break down the last barriers that preciously surrounded the crossplay. As soon as the patch is installed, it will be possible toinvite any PlayStation or PC player across all game modes. In other words, it’s not just for custom games anymore.

But to get there, you will have to follow a simple procedure (don’t panic) which requireshave an Epic Games account and link it to Fall Guys. This is how you find all your friends, regardless of their platform. The invitation process is the same.

A new mode, Fall Guys is approaching on Xbox and Switch

The magic slide

The colorful battle royale promises that players will be able to taste “very soon” in “Sweet Thieves” mode. A test that opposes two teams: the Thieves and the Guardians. The Thieves steal pieces of candy, while the Guardians must arrest them and put them in jail. If the prospect of jail isn’t sexy, calling friends to get released will be an option. Provided you press a magic button.

In addition to improvements and fixes listed on the game’s blog, the studio has reassured on the Xbox and Switch versions. They have “being finalized“.

We know that news about Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles is highly anticipated. We are currently finalizing the development of these versions and although it’s not part of this update, it happens ! Until then, we are very happy to be able to enable crossplay on existing platforms as a first step.

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