Company of Heroes 3 details its missions in video

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One of the biggest strategy games to come is certainly Company Of Heroes 3. Besides, the game is revealed a little more via a video on its campaign and the different missions.

Relic Entertainment unveils a brand new video on its World War II-style strategy game, Company Of Heroes 3. Among the new features compared to the two previous episodes, players now benefit from new features such as the Dynamic Campaign Map and the Full Tactical Pause we were able to tell you about during our preview.

In war as in war

The new Dynamic Campaign Map offers sandbox-like gameplay that lets you lead your troops and get an overview of your operations like a wargame. Each decision made is particularly important, and each mission counts. Moreover, Mission Designer David Milne explains how Relic has redesigned its missions to offer a more substantial challenge (everything is visible in the video above).

For the time being, there is unfortunately no release date for this Company of Heroes 3. Relic has already carried out pre-alpha phases, this leaves a good indication of the state of development which still seems far from complete. version called “release”.

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