Chip Shortages Set to Last a Few Years, Intel Says

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As you probably know, there is currently a shortage of components (and in particular chips) and this should last a few more years according to a statement from Intel.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told CNBC a few months ago that he expected the shortage problem for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and graphics cards to not end until 2023. Except that recently the man made a new, less enthusiastic statement.

1 more year of shortage

Gelsinger went back on his prediction and now expects the chip shortage to last until 2024. At issue? Major crafting tools aren’t as readily available as expected, which means there aren’t enough chips being manufactured to meet demand and therefore…shortages!

This is partly why we believe the global semiconductor shortage will now increase through 2024, compared to our previous estimates in 2023, simply because shortages have now affected production equipment as well.

A multiple cause?

Knowing that the COVID epidemic is resuming in China and that health policy is still rigid there, it is indeed difficult to imagine a significant improvement next year. Not to mention the fact that the demand for graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining is still very strong, which clearly does not help matters.

For her part Lisa SU, CEO of AMD, said last year that the second half of 2022 should allow for an increase in supply. But as you know, plans can change. Graphics cards, PS5, Xbox Series … We will still have to be patient.

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