China is getting its own Ghost of Tsushima

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The Opening Night Live has reserved its share of surprises. The one that has undoubtedly caught the eye of the spectators the most is Where Winds Meet, a particularly ambitious Chinese action-RPG.

Amid announcements of highly anticipated big Western productions, the Gamescom 2022 conference also highlighted some new games. Among those who made a very noticeable appearance, we find Where Winds Meet a Chinese title to the tunes of Ghost of Tsushima.

Here is Where Winds Meet, the future Chinese Ghost of Tsushima?

It was one of the nice surprises of Gamescom 2022. Chinese studio Everstone Games and giant NetEase announced Where Winds Meet, an open-world action-RPG set in medieval China during the time of the Ten Kingdoms. The comparison with Ghost of Tsushima is almost impossible to avoid with its particularly enticing realization and art direction.

Like its counterpart, the game will mix exploration on horseback, hunting, combat, skills and environments that are just as pretty as each other. The developers already promise the possibility of embodying different profiles including a swordsman, a merchant or even a doctor, as well as different choices that will have a direct impact on the story. No further details have been revealed at this time. For now, we know that Where Winds Meet is scheduled for PC at an undetermined date and that a beta test phase will be scheduled for this year.

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