Bethesda is re-branding Spyteam, a new game in the works?

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A trademark registration is always a good opportunity to learn more about a project. In this case it is Bethesda and the name Spyteam.

Bethesda trademarked the Spyteam name several years ago. And it turns out that very recently a Twitter user had a keen eye for spotting a brand re-filing dating from January 28th. It is SkullziTV and here is his full message:

A nice find

Spyteam, a secret Bethesda game that seems to have been in the works for quite some time now, recently saw its 2022 trademark filing. Could we finally find out what this game is later this year?

Further he adds:

Human Head was working on a PvPvE third-person shooter based on a comic book license. Bethesda acquired Human Head which later became Roundhouse. Could it be Spyteam?

A mysterious Bethesda project

We can obviously wonder when we will have the right to formalize this game. Knowing of course that many other titles are also in preparation, including a certain… The Elder Scrolls VI. Given the busy schedule, even in the event of an announcement, we suspect that the game, whatever it is, is unlikely to be released soon.

What type of game do you think it could be? Tell us in thes comments below.

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