Berserk will have an end, the manga will resume very soon

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A little over a year after the loss of its creator, the manga Berserk will resume to conclude its story, all under the supervision of the only person to know the end of the work.

It was a shock wave in the manga universe. On May 20, 2021, Kentarō Miura left a horde of grieving fans. The creator of Berserk died suddenly at the age of 54, leaving behind a great unfinished work. It will finally have an end.

The Berserk manga will continue without its author

A year after this tragic disappearance, the publisher Hakusensha in charge of the manga announces that the Berserk manga will resume. It will be Kentaro Miura’s studio that will have the heavy task of resuming this work and giving it an end. Everything will be done under the supervision of Kouji Mori, a childhood friend of the late author, the only person with whom he had shared the end of Berserk.

Good news or not? We’ll find out soon enough since the next chapter will appear on June 24 in Young Animal magazine. Starting with this next release, the recovery team will release six chapters until the end of the Fantasia/Isle of the Elves arc. After that, she’ll tackle a whole new arc.

A motto: follow the words of the creator

Before his passing, Kentarō Miura chatted with his close friend Kouji Mori about the stories and episodes he had in mind for Berserk. He also had similar discussions with his studio team and his publisher. He wondered, “Would the fans be surprised if I drew something like this? And why not a character like that? Would this story be interesting? These words were not his last words, but had been part of the artist’s ordinary discussions for a quarter of a century. We also found memos of ideas he wrote and designs for characters he drew and left behind.

– Youn Animal press release

Young Animal is very formal in its press release, the intention of the creator’s studio and the publisher is to follow the ideas of the late mangaka to the letter. ” Our production team decided to go with a very basic rule “Mr. Miura said so”. This is what she will keep in mind. It is impossible to create a manuscript exactly as he would have liked. However we will write the manga without deviating too much from its own words “Explains the magazine in its press release.

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