Battlefield 2042: EA Games admits the game did not live up to expectations

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Despite the history of the series, the latest episode of Battlefield, namely episode 2042, did not have the expected success and it is Electronic Arts that admits it.

It’s time for the financial report for EA. Overall we can not say that the editor is to be pitied with no less than $7.2 billion revenue over the last 12 months, ie 22% more than last year. EA even boasts of having 180 million monthly users on its various games and services. But Battlefield 2042 remains a problem.

The Battlefield 2042 case

the VSEO Andrew Wilson admits that “the game did not meet their expectations”. Wilson obviously speaks of several types of expectations, namely the critical reception, both from the press and the public, but also the volume of sales. He explains :

Battlefield 2042 has always been an ambitious game, and our teams have done everything to innovate on several points, such as a larger scale, 128-player games, new modes, more dynamic gameplay… Developing this game with our teams at the house for almost two years was a real challenge.

In other words, according to him, the game was too ambitious and telecommuting did not help to make it a more qualitative game.

We started the game with good stability and then, as more and more players tried it out, it was clear that we weren’t anticipating the performance issues.

The problem is that stability is not everything. And that the game also suffers from other more complex concerns. It remains to be seen if EA will catch up with the bandwagon or if we will have to wait for a new episode to restore the image of the series.

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