Asus TUF Gaming H1 Wireless REVIEW: Good value for money

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We had the opportunity to test the ASUS TUF Gaming H1 Wireless headset for a while. An audio device that aims to be affordable without sacrificing quality. Let’s see what we can say about it.

The TUF Gaming H1 Wireless headphones come in a bulky black and white box, quite sober which contrasts with the gaming peripherals of the competition. If the headset is intended for PC users, ASUS would like to make it clear that its product is also compatible for the PlayStation 5. With, by the way, good Discord and Teamspeak compatibility, respectively the two most used chat software for video games.

Sober but elegant

And because ASUS thinks of everything, the headset comes with a USB-C dongle to be accessible to all modern configurations, with a USB adapter to connect wherever you want. In terms of design, this TUF Gaming is sober and elegant. A frame entirely in black plastic with an elastic band just below the arch to spare your skull. With this helmet we do not go particularly unnoticed in the street for example, but we avoid the clichés of the traditional gaming helmet.

A helmet that keeps you a little warm

As far as comfort is concerned, an oh so important concept for a helmet, especially over time, there is nothing to deplore except perhaps a slight pressure on the ears if you wear glasses or one has a big head (like yours truly). On the other hand, we prefer to warn that ASUS has chosen imitation leather for the earpieces and this material tends to make you sweat as soon as it gets a little hot. It is the easiest to clean but not necessarily the most hygienic. We advise you to use a wipe to clean from time to time, especially in the middle of summer. Positive point, the ear cups are quite large. The inner diameter provides plenty of room to accommodate large ears.

The headband is stretchy but not adjustable. It adapts perfectly, with a good clamping force and a pleasant fit which allows it to neither be too tight nor to be too loose and thus slip off the skull when you lower your head. Another very good point.

Classic and efficient ergonomics

The ergonomics are very classic for this type of helmet and ASUS does not revolutionize what has proven itself. There are thus several buttons on the left side such as the volume wheel (independent of that of the volume of the PC) or the button to pause the microphone.

Quality audio?

The ASUS TUF Gaming H1 is a stereo headset with 40mm drivers and the promise of virtual surround sound via Windows Sonic sound or Dolby Atmos. The sound reproduction is of good quality but for this price you shouldn’t expect headphones for the discerning music lover either. It lacks a bit of punch at the bass level and overall there is less richness than in more high-end headphones. But the sound stage is convincing and it will do just fine for video games. For a Wagner opera, obviously it’s something else. The big positive point of this headset is still to be offered at less than 90 euros and for all that to offer good performance, with only a very honorable charge of 15 hours.

A halftone microphone

As you’d expect, the TUF Gaming H1 features a unidirectional microphone. This mic is easily adjustable so you can position it the way you want. ASUS talks about certification for both Teamspeak and Discord, but it doesn’t have noise cancellation capabilities, and that’s a shame. The sound is correct but you will still have to spend a little time in the Armory Crate software options to deactivate audio effects such as voice clarity which is a disaster on this helmet and which only robotizes the voice.

  • Price : approximately 89 euros
  • Compatible : PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch, smartphone, tablet…
  • Weight : 295 grams
  • Login : Wireless
  • Transducers : 40mm
  • Headphone shape : circumaural
  • Spatialization of sound : Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Microphone : Unidirectional
  • Microphone frequency response : 100Hz – 10,000Hz
  • Or buy : ASUS
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