ASUS ROG unveils a screen with 500Hz frequency

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We don’t stop progress anymore, and in the mad race for the highest refresh rate, ASUS Rog has certainly just won the victory. This is what can be said on the subject.

If you complain about having a screen that is too slow, not fluid enough, here is a product that is surely made for you. Indeed, ASUS Rog unveils the Rog Swift 500Hz (quite simply) born of a collaboration with Nvidia.

ASUS Rog Swift 500 Hz, pure fluidity

It is in fact a panel which is not exceptional for the rest and which is intended above all for eSport competitors since it is a very classic 24-inch TN panel with a resolution Full HD of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In fact, what makes it so charming is its astonishing refresh rate of 500 Hz. ASUS wanted to hit hard.

All Nvidia technology to the rescue

Inevitably, Nvidia takes the opportunity to make everything compatible with the famous G-sync technology to have total fluidity without screen tearing for this ASUS Rog Swift. To check the latency in real time on games, you can also take advantage of the Nvidia Reflex Analyzer software.

In the video above you can see the difference between 144Hz and 500Hz with this ASUS screen, obviously it’s much smoother but an average user will clearly not need it and would certainly prefer to have a better definition than better frequency.

The rest of the Nvidia Computex 2022 conference can be seen on the manufacturer’s main channel.

What do you think of this type of refresh rate? Do you see a use for it? Or do you prefer to opt for a better definition?

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