Arc Alchemist A750, A580 and A380 GPUs coming soon?

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Intel may well present 3 Arc Alchemist graphics cards at Computex 2022. The information comes from Taiwanese sources. Here’s what you need to know.

The Taipei International Information Technology Show or more simply COMPUTEX of 2022 should be an opportunity for Intel to reveal things. Indeed, according to information that has been obtained by WCCFTECH, the Arc Alchemist A750, A580 and A380 should be revealed to the eyes of the world.

Dates for new Intel benchmarks

To make things right, Intel would market the Arc A750 and A380 graphics cards (nothing to do with the plane) in the wake of the presentation at Computex. On the other hand, we would have to wait a little longer for the A580, which would be available during the month of July.

But also prices

WCCFTECH goes further in the Intel information and obviously their Taiwanese sources are quite precise since it would cost 350 dollars for the A750, 280 dollars for the A580 and 150 dollars for the A380. In terms of power, here is a small comparison with Nvidia:

  • A750 :RTX 3060
  • A580 :RTX 3050
  • A380 : GTX 1650

It remains to be seen if all this will be enough to convince buyers to turn to a new player rather than veterans of the industry. For the moment the shortage makes Nvidia cards more expensive but the curve is seriously falling.

What do you think of the arrival of Intel? Would you be ready to abandon Nvidia and AMD to turn to this manufacturer?

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