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End clap for another Battlefield 2042 game mode. Developers are no longer afraid to make sacrifices to give the game a second chance.

The road to redemption is long and tumultuous for Battlefield 2042. After the chaotic launch of the FPS, DICE tries somehow to pick up the pieces with the fanbase, which has clearly deserted the game. After a first big update, the Season 1 of BF2042 will bring new changes, including the abandonment of another big game mode.

Battlefield 2042 is dropping another game mode

Battlefield 2042 will again lose one of its main arguments during its communication campaign. A few hours ago, DICE presented a taste of the developments to come to the game with the arrival of the first season, expected next month. And the ax fell for Hazard Zone, sold as one of the big novelties of the FPS. The developers will simply stop following the game mode.

No new content will be implemented there, but the game mode will still remain on Battlefield 2042. Players can continue to try their hand at this cooperative survival experience, shelved along with the 128-player Breakthrough mode .

A pillar of the game sacrificed for more unifying modes

We had big ambitions for this new Battlefield experience, but we’re the first to acknowledge that Hazard Zone didn’t fit into Battlefield 2042. Instead, the developers will focus on more unifying modes. The new cards that will arrive soon will therefore not be compatible.

As for the presentation of Season 1, we will have to wait a little longer before seeing what it will have in the belly. We know, however, that it will contain a new map, a class of new specialists, brand new weapons, a new vehicle and a slew of weekly missions and Portal mode content. Will that be enough to bring the crowds back? Answer next month, with the arrival of all these novelties.

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