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The Star Wars Celebration was the opportunity to discover the very first trailer on Andor, a series dedicated to the character of Cassian Andor that we discovered in the film Rogue One.

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released in 2016, we were able to discover the character of Cassian Andor who is played by actor Diego Luna. And obviously the success of the film convinced Disney to make a series based solely on this character. A rather risky bet.

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Indeed even if Star Wars is a selling title, we would not have especially bet on the character of Cassian Andor to make a spin-off series. Whatever happens, it will in any case be a question of exploring his past before his arrival in the Rebellion. The series should thus take place a few years before A New Hopethe opportunity also to learn more about the establishment of the Empire throughout the galaxy.

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Star Wars with a different tone

Tony Gilroy, who was notably in the writing behind the 2016 film, will be present once again and he should also direct the first episodes. The series in question should therefore follow the path traced by Rogue One and by what made it successful, namely a different tone, between war and spy films. We should also find in the cast, Forest Whitaker in the role of Saw Gerrera and also Ben Mendelsohn in the skin of the charismatic Orson Krennic. 2 characters who made the success of the film (in addition to the very noticed appearances of Darth Vader)

Star Wars: Andor will be available on Disney+ from August 31, 2022.

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