An Nvidia leak raises doubts

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Once is not custom, an Nvidia leak takes place and this time it allows to have some information on a product stamped Nintendo Switch. Here is the information you need to know.

Nvidia was the victim of a cyberattack and inevitably certain confidential documents are distributed everywhere. Among them, the DLSS source code. What to doubt about a Nintendo Switch Pro or simply a Nintendo Switch 2. See instead:

A leak on Ampere architecture and DLSS

One of the main elements therefore concerns the source code of Nvidia’s supersampling technology. We find in this document, in particular, the mention NVN 2. This term, which seems very obscure, in fact designates the APIs and programming interfaces for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch was codenamed NVN, so we can assume that this is either a major change or outright a new console.

A confirmation for the Nintendo Switch 2?

These documents also indicate another crucial information and not the least, the NVN 2 is based on the Ampère architecture, the latest graphics architecture from Nvidia which notably integrates RTX and DLSS 2.0. Under these conditions, one can imagine a more powerful console but above all taking into account a life-saving technology to improve the framerate of games: DLSS. Allowing you to enjoy titles in very good visual conditions while not preserving its FPS rate.

These files would also contain references to a chip T239 engraved in 8nm. Which clearly leaves a lot of hope for a new version of the Nintendo console.

Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro, it’s up to you to make your predictions in the comments.

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