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Oh the dumpling. BioWare accidentally revealed a key piece of the story through a goodie from the so-called Mass Effect 5. YouTuber MrHulthen (via VGC), has indeed spotted an interesting detail on the official lithograph of the next game. He would have found a clue concerning an iconic character of the license.

Fan favorite returning character in Mass Effect 5?

As the videographer explains in his video, the object in question is accompanied by a short description which teases the return of the hero of the first trilogy. ” The Reaper threat may have ended, but at a high cost, including that of Earth itself. As Shepard and the survivors must pick up the pieces, fans wonder what’s next. »

The description has since been edited to remove any mention of Shepard. The favorite Commander of the galaxy would therefore finally be back, contrary to what the end of Mass Effect 3 could predict. It must be said that BioWare has already tried to impose a new hero with Mass Effect Andromeda and the sauce did not take, beyond the technical problems of the game when it was released.

Especially since the first teaser for Mass Effect 5 had set fire to the powder by already teasing the return of Liara T’Soni, the hero’s former sidekick. The “survivors” could therefore also be the former crew members of the original trilogy. It will be necessary to be patient before having the end of the story since the game is still far from being released.

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