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The Summer Game Fest will have fewer conferences, but it will be for a good cause. The opening show promises to be packed with announcements from third-party publishers.

The E3 festivities were synonymous with conferences of all kinds. Ubisoft, PlayStation, EA, Square Enix, the publishers wanted to put on a show to present their lineup of upcoming games. But with the pandemic, the Los Angeles show gave way to Summer Game Fest and its digital presentations. And this year, there will be fewer than before.

Fewer talks at Summer Game Fest

The Summer Game Fest 2022 is fast approaching and tongues are loosening. According to its organizer Geoff Keighley we will have to expect more spectacle during the opening ceremony. The reason is simple: publishers prefer to go through the big conference of the event rather than hold their own showcase.

Last year there were a number of events but a lot of players were disappointed as they weren’t really conferences. I am thinking in particular of Take Two, Capcom, Square Enix and many others. I think they understood that to be able to organize this kind of show, you need to have more than 30 minutes of content. Except that sometimes they only had one or two games to show, which is insufficient for this type of event.

The ultimate hype?

Geoff Keighley explains that things will therefore change this year. According to him, players are going to be completely hyped about what awaits them next month at Summer Game Fest, without giving further details. He just recalls that many games have delayed their release due to the pandemic, and some of them will be released soon.

If publishers seem to want to mingle with others this year, not everyone will skip their own conference. The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase which will be held on Sunday, June 12 at 7 p.m. could attract favors from third-party publishers. However, the American giant should above all focus on its own catalog. For their part, Nintendo and Sony have been discreet. However, there are a few rumors pointing to a new State of Play in the first week of June.

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