AMD unveils its roadmap for its Ryzen 7000

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The new generation of AMD processors aims to compete with Intel products, in particular the famous Alder Lake and Raptor Lake.

Despite the various statements from the Intel boss about chip shortages, AMD seems determined to release its latest generation processors as agreed this year and next year. Moreover, the manufacturer’s previous statements have been officially corroborated by a roadmap.

AMD unveils its roadmap

Here is the roadmap

AMD roadmap

The future Zen 4 microarchitecture should therefore arrive before the end of this year 2022. However, and as you can see, AMD has not made official the latest rumors which suggest a launch by this summer. We remain on a very broad “2022” without further precision.

For desktop and laptop

AMD Raphael processors are therefore planned for 2023, this is the range for desktop PCs. They will benefit from a big new feature, namely support for PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5. Two major advances that will truly bring a facelift to our PCs in the long term, on the graphics card and RAM side.

The Dragon Range chips focus on laptops and AMD also promises laptops ” extreme gaming up to 16 cores. Phoenix, finally, is intended for the thinnest laptops with once again PCIe Gen 5 and LPDDR5 in the pipes. These two architectures will not arrive before 2023.

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