Activision Blizzard case: Dozens of employees have been fired following accusations of harassment

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After months of tirelessly promising internal changes, giant Activision Blizzard seems to have reached the first conclusions, as new sources report.

For months now, Activision Blizzard and its highly publicized CEO Bobby Kotick seem content with promises to try to put an end to the many scandals that splatter their names. However, the Wall Street Journal is affirmative: dozens of employees were fired or pushed out, and others still in office were subject to sanctions.

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Has the collective pressure on Activision Blizzard finally paid off? After being accused of promoting a sexist policy, of having breached its fiduciary duty, or incidentally of having concealed the investigations that have taken place in the company since 2019, the publisher was taken in dislike by the three major manufacturers of the industry, and even declared persona non grata at the Game Awards.

But behind the scenes, things finally seem to have started, since journalist Kirsten Grind claims that the dozens of dismissals and other reprimands should have been the subject of a press release in December, but that Bobby Kotick successfully prevented its publication. Its sources invoke the desire not to give too much echo to a series of controversies already as long as the arm. Of which act.

The law of numbers

Activision Blizzard spokesperson Helaine Klasky confirms the orders.are of advanced size, explaining that “37 employees left the company” – without specifying whether or not it was a question of dismissals or voluntary departures – and that the investigation carried out internally would also have “led to 44 sanctions”. These few dozen cases thus make it possible to support the official discourse of Kotick, always in the role of the ostrich.

Will this announcement be enough to put out the ongoing fire? Recall that last November, Bobby Kotick reportedly told Activison executives that he would “consider resigning” from his position as CEO if he ever failed to “quickly resolve” the many problems made public during the summer. To be continued in the next episode ?

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