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Nacon has just announced that the last episode of the WRC series developed by Kylotonn will be called WRC Generations. We discover the trailer and a burst of information.

You probably already know this if you follow the news, but KT Racing (Kylotonn for the veterans) which has been developing the WRC series since 2015 and WRC 5, will soon have to stop. Indeed, the license was stolen by Electronic Arts which will put the Codemasters studio in charge. This year’s opus will therefore be the last for the French studio. To mark the occasion, no WRC 11, but WRC Generations.

The idea is therefore to take the players on a journey through the eras of a championship which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. If festivities are planned on the sidelines of the Portugal rally, on the game side, it is above all the content that is in the spotlight. We are therefore offered 37 historic cars as well as 9 additional environments. These will take us to old rallies which are no longer on the WRC calendar, but which have entered into legend, like Japan, the Tour de Corse or the San Remo.

WRC Generations: a journey through time

The modern content will be identical to reality with the 13 official destinations, and all the cars involved. If the small categories do not evolve, the premier category of the WRC has been overhauled this year. According to Rally1 regulations, the most powerful cars now have a hybrid system. The latter makes it possible to have an electric boost at low revs, when the turbo is not yet blowing at full pressure. We will also be entitled to the new route of the Swedish rally. This unique on-snow event changed location in 2022, so the developers have redone the environments.

As far as game modes are concerned, there will be plenty to do. Career mode is back so you can manage your team, or play as a WRC driver. The Leagues mode will allow players to climb in a ranking via matchmaking. Finally, the co-pilot mode will allow us to live a realistic experience in pairs. Those who like to customize their cars can have fun with the new livery editor. And for the first time, the latter will allow you to share your creations online. Even if you are bad at decorating, you can take advantage of the talent of others.

Finally, the Teams system will allow you to create a club and wear its colors. WRC Generations will be available on October 13, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Sbox Series and later on PC and Switch. Beware, if PC players will have to wait, be aware that the exclusivity with the Epic Games Store seems to be over. The game has its own page on Steam.

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