A technical video of landscapes that tears the retina

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The Unreal Engine is the graphics engine that is increasingly popular with development studios today. It must be said that he has it in his stomach.

Epic Games has unveiled a brand new video to promote its Unreal Engine 5. A true technical showcase, it is called Ninety Days. Because each artist was able to work 90 days on his project before showing his creation within the said video.

The Unreal Engine bursts the screen

In the end, you can admire a total of 40 settings and atmospheres, ranging from the tropical forest with shimmering colors to the battlefield of the First World War in black and white, passing through a Cyberpunk-like city. There’s something for everyone knowing that the various assets have been selected via Quixel and the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

A look into the future

It’s a real window on the future of what can await us in the video games of the future. Obviously, before having such a rendering, you will have to take your troubles patiently. We hardly imagine the configuration necessary to run an entire game with this type of graphics.

As a reminder, this fifth version of the Unreal Engine has only been accessible to developers since April 5, 2022. We know for example that the next game The Witcher should run on it but for the moment the official list of UE5 games is still a little skinny.

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