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As PS Plus Premium approaches on PS4 and PS5, Sony is taking another step towards preserving old PlayStation games with the establishment of a team dedicated to this special mission.

Over the past few years, Sony Interactive Entertainment has come under fire for its actions against older PlayStation consoles and their game libraries. The PS Store PS3 and PS Vita nearly shut down, Sony’s latest laptop won’t feature the new PS+, and the PS5 isn’t natively backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. Some worrying examples for some but the Japanese firm seems to want to change all that.

PlayStation wants to save its old games

Garret Fredley, a former Electronic Arts engineer, has joined the ranks of a brand new SIE team that will be tasked with preserving the legacy of PlayStation games. A golden opportunity for him.

Today is my first day as a senior build engineer at PlayStation. I am one of the first to have been recruited with the aim of working for the newly created preservation team. Preserving games was my first passion, so I’m delighted to be able to return to my roots.

I would like to thank Mike Bishop (Editor’s note: the head of the quality assurance department) and the team for leading me on this adventure. Let’s make sure the history of our industry is not forgotten.

Towards a natively backward compatible PS5?

Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation 1

Garret Fredley hasn’t been more exhaustive in terms of the tasks he will have to perform, but presumably he will have his say when adding old PlayStations to the PS Premium like the Siphon Filter saga. And to make sure they are working properly. But to imagine that Sony would offer “real” backward compatibility, like the Xbox Series, there is a step that we will not take. While at EA, Fredley helped archive several games in the FIFA franchise.

What do you think of creating a team to preserve the legacy of PlayStation consoles? Is it an absolute necessity for you? Do you replay old titles? Are you going to take the PS Plus Premium with this in mind? Tell us everything in comments.

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