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This War of Mine is probably one of the most realistic war games out there. And it is back today in its Final Cut version, of which here is the trailer.

If you’ve never played This War of Mine, know that this is a real masterpiece, developed by the Polish studio 11 bit studios. Here, there is no question of taking yourself for a super soldier, since we are right on the darkest side of the war. We must ensure the survival of a handful of civilians caught between two fires, and whose survival becomes more and more precarious as time passes. Hyper brutal, the game depicts war in all its horror, and puts the player in front of a multitude of dramas.

This War of Mine: The Dirty War

Initially inspired by the Balkan wars of the mid-90s, the game is particularly relevant in view of the conflict that is ravaging Ukraine. After having sold 7 million copies of the game, the studio has therefore produced this Final Cut version so that the game is available on current machines. This War of Mine Final Cut is therefore now available on PS5, Xbox Series X, but also in GamePass, so that everyone can discover this poignant title.

Of course, we take advantage of all the content that has been released so far, and add a lot of new features such as new NPCs, a new scenario, and improved technique with a 4K display and an improved interface.

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