A Starfield fan has collected all the data on the game in one document – it has over 1000 pages

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Before the release of Starfield, the main exclusive of Microsoft in recent years, there are less than two months left.

IgroSMI has shared some interesting information about a Starfield fan who compiled all known information about Bethesda’s big space RPG into a 1071-page document. That’s over 86,000 words.

The document was created by Reddit user Gokamo. According to the author, he compiled this “compendium” for over a year, using all official Bethesda materials, including excerpts from interviews with Todd Howard and other developers. The document also contains all the concept art and screenshots of the game.

For the convenience of readers, Gokamo has divided its work into sections and chapters so that users can easily find the details of a particular mechanic or game feature.

At the same time, the author is not sure that at least someone will read the document to the end, however, according to him, this should not be done – it is better to use the “compendium” as a database for finding the necessary information. Below you can see part of the table of contents:

In general, those who are not indifferent to Starfield should be satisfied – only knowledge of the English language is required. The document can be viewed at the link.

Meanwhile, Bethesda’s big space RPG Starfield is less than two months away from release on September 6th on PC, Xbox Series and Game Pass. Premium edition owners will be able to start playing on the 1st.

Starfield Key Details

  • The game takes place in the 24th century. Users in the role of members of the organization “Constellation” will search for information about artifacts that contain the secrets of the universe.
  • Gameplay in Starfield includes gunfights, leveling up, collecting resources, crafting items, and completing quests. Space exploration will also be an important part. Users will be able to visit more than ten thousand planets and fight enemies in the vastness of the universe.
  • The project implemented the construction of bases and the creation of your own ship from a variety of elements.
  • The game will be released on PC, Xbox Series X and Series S. You should not wait for it on PS5.

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