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EA has just provided the first official information on Need For Speed ​​2022. This new episode possibly exclusive to the new generation will be developed by two studios.

The future of the Need For Speed ​​license is somewhat clear today with a new announcement. Towards a revival of the franchise?

Two studios on Need For Speed ​​2022

A few weeks ago, Pete Johnson, senior recruiter at EA, published a job offer to find an experienced producer. But the detail that had to be remembered was that the candidate was going to be destined for a position within Codemasters Cheshire to work on NFS.

We are looking for an experienced Producer to join the studio (Editor’s note: Codemasters Cheshire), as we embark on an extraordinary journey to create the future of NFS.

And ultimately, it was hiding something bigger. Codemasters Cheshire merges with Criterion Games, and as a result, both entities will work on Need For Speed ​​2022 and future games. The studio explained on Twitter:

We can confirm that Criterion Games and Codemasters Cheshire Dev Gear are officially uniting to create the future of NFSforming a single Criterion studio with two location centers. This integration is based on the close partnership that the two studios have developed over the past few months. Both sharing common values ​​and similar cultures, we believe that uniting the immense wealth of expertise of both teams will help us deliver the best possible racing experiences to our players.

The new generation and just her?

According to a previous rumor, Need For Speed ​​2022 would be exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Farewell to the “old” consoles… as for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2. This new generation NFS could take place in a sunny American city like Miami. But for the moment, nothing really sure about it.

Finally, for those who would like to drive anywhere, at any time, a video of NFS Mobile would have leaked.

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