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The Battlefield 2042 soldier has been completely abandoned. Six months after its catastrophic release, the modern FPS sees its numbers plummet and passes a new course.

5 months have passed since the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042. And since then things have not improved, far from it. The game is completely abandoned by the players.

Battlefield 2042 deserted

New blow for Battlefield 2042. EA’s latest FPS was not a success, the American publisher had to confess to its investors. To try to make up for its mistakes, DICE had postponed the game’s first season, presumably in hopes of returning with some real change. Lacking content, players jump ship. Today, Battlefield 2042 dropped below 1,000 players for the first time. A very sad attendance record for the game.

An alarming figure when you know that the biggest peak in attendance of the game in the last thirty days amounted to 3,241 players. In November, it gathered more than 100,000 players before 60% of them fled the following month. The desertion has been exponential and the modern FPS has lost 82% more soldiers since the beginning of the year. Some of them have indeed gone to take refuge in Battlefield V, which has experienced a resurgence following the failure of its successor. For comparison, he alone accumulated more than 31,000 players on April 11.

Battlefield 2042 Daily Player Counts

An update to save it?

Result, if you launch Battlefield 2042 you are more likely to play against the AI ​​than real players. It remains to be seen whether DICE will manage to turn the corner with the first season of the game. The studio has decided to push back this potentially life-saving content to the beginning of summer 2022 in order to solve the problems of the game first. ” The game must first achieve the highest quality standards of the franchise,” justified Ryan McArthur, producer.

However, an update is well planned for this month with hundreds of changes. The patch will primarily focus on bugs, but more changes are expected. A balancing of vehicles and weapons is also on the program. Will this first project be enough to bring the barge back? Answer within a few weeks.

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