A Reddit user has the game in her hands

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In 2006, rumors mentioned the possibility that Star Wars Battlefront 3 was in development at Free Radical Design, and those rumors ultimately proved to be true.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 was obviously very close to the end of development when it was canceled in 2008. Years later, Free Radical Design co-founder Steve Ellis corroborated this information. It is therefore without great difficulty that we can hypothesize that a version of the said game ended up in the hands of someone.

A Reddit user has a version of the Star Wars game in her hands

Reddit user MissFeepit explains that she has a version of the game on her PSP:

(I have also included a photo)

Lucasarts was a client of a relative of my fiancé at the time, and he was able to test a lot of games, including Star Wars: Battlefront III, once it was canceled, and all assets were brought together for being returned to Skywalker Ranch, one of the test cartridges for the PSP version was left behind. Since he was young, he didn’t pay attention to it and took it home, tested it, AI, CTF and Conquest battles worked well.

Years later, while digging through his old games, he found it and as far as we know, since we can’t find any others online, he has the only copy of the canceled Star Wars game.

We’re honestly curious what it might be worth, it should still work fine, there are no scratches or damage to the game itself.

Obviously this story is to be taken with a grain of salt but if it’s true it’s still quite mind-blowing. Especially since we can find several photos of the console and the “game” in the Reddit conversation. So true story or pure speculation to sell a scam? Hard to say until no one else has the console or the game in their hands.

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