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Apart from a narrowly caught exit from the road, everything seems to be going well for Gran Turismo 7. This new episode even achieves a feat compared to its predecessors.

While it has just received some nice new content, Gran Turismo 7 proves that it may not have been affected that much by its setbacks. Polyphony Digital’s racing game even achieves a historic performance.

Gran Turismo 7 makes the dollars rain

Gran Turismo 7 may have the worst Metacritic rating on the user side, but it doesn’t seem to weigh in the balance at the time of a first assessment. For its launch in the United States, the game shows that it has some under the hood. And not just a little.

The NPD Group company reports that GT7 generated more cash dollars than any other game in the franchise for its launch month. With this performance, the title enters the top 20 most profitable games on American soil. It ranks second behind Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest masterclass.

Top 20 all platforms combined

And on PlayStation consoles exclusively, PS4 and PS5, GT7 maintains its position. It is still the second highest grossing dollar game. Both physical and digital sales are counted in these two rankings. Unfortunately, the number of copies sold is not known but Sony may reveal them during its financial results.

Top 10 PlayStation consoles

New cars and a circuit

The latest Gran Turismo 7 update 1.13 brought three new cars. The 2021 Subaru GT300 and BRZ S, as well as the 1991 Suzuki Cappuccino, a particularly sporty Kei Car. Likewise, this episode has increased its number of circuits available with the track of the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. One of the most iconic circuits in Europe.

In the future, Polyphony Digital will continue its work to enrich GT7 with new cars and even more tracks. The studio will also take care not to unbalance the game’s economy, which is a sensitive point for players.

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