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From April 16 to 18 in Poitiers, the Gamers Assembly 2022 was held. A good opportunity to unite people around a common passion: video games. After more than two complex years for everyone.

The Gamers Assembly Festival Edition, which takes place in Potiers like every year, was another good year. Indeed, for 72 hours, players, enthusiasts, or even simple amateurs and families have given themselves the opportunity to survey no less than 15,000 m² of the Parc des Expositions. Good news for events after 2 difficult years with the COVID 19.

Rain of numbers for the Gamers Assembly

In total, no less than 2,539 players participated in this 2022 edition on site and online for a total of 21 tournaments organized on Fortnite or League of Legends. There were more than 16,000 visitors to live the experience and inevitably to manage all this you need people. Thus, 442 people from all over France mobilized to install the 1355 PCs and connect the 60 consoles

59 partners whose support from Grand Poitiers could allow such an organization. Thus Florence Jardin, President of Grand Poitiers Urban Community explains:

The Urban Community of Grand Poitiers is very happy to have found all the players of the Gamers Assembly at the Parc des expositions, an emblematic meeting place for esports in France and Europe. It is appropriate to congratulate the players but also to greet the volunteers who mobilized, without whom this event could not be held. If the GA 2022 is over, esport continues to develop on our territory with animations all year round in all our municipalities, and this from this weekend with the Family Game Festival which will settle in Curzay-sur-Vonne for a day of sports, for everyone.

In short, good news that puts balm to the heart.

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