a new kind of battle royale TPS by Ubisoft?

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Ubisoft is secretly working on a third-person PvPvE shooter, Pathfinder. A battle royale with an original approach and a design similar to that of Hyper Scape.

Ubisoft has more than 20 games in development and among them there would be a new license: Pathfindera TPS PvPvE. This is what journalist Tom Henderson argues in an article for Exputer.

Pathfinder: a new attempt at battle royale?

According to Tom Henderson, the publisher of Assassin’s Creed should continue to invest in the land of the multiplayer shooter with its new TPS Pathfinder. Information that would have been slipped into his ear by three sources, which specify that the title of the game could be a code name.

This would have a slightly different take on battle royale, more originalbut with a comparable graphic design at Hyperscape. Yes another BR which, despite its communication led by famous streamers, flopped and will close its servers on April 28th. Moreover, the team in charge of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft Montreal, would be on Pathfinder.

The goal ? Reach the center of a map to face an AI boss there with your team of 4 players.

Players must fight their way through two walls (one exterior, one interior) which are surrounded by a series of doors that can be kicked down. The problem? Different doors can be opened or locked each time, making each game different in terms of the route to take. In order to reach the middle of the map, players will need to fight AI enemies to level up and become stronger, with AI that will be noticeably harder to beat the closer to the center of the map. The game will likely be PvPvE since you will encounter other players. AI will therefore not be the only threat.

Heroes and a bit of Destiny in your TPS?

According to Henderson, the players also have a name: the “Hero” (brainstorming was hard), as well as individual abilities. Skills however undetermined at the moment, the development of Pathfinder having started recently.

Finally, this BR would have a central hub resembling the Tower of Destiny to participate in events, access a shop, take part in races with vehicles and improve their shooting skills. In short, classic. In addition to Pathfinder, Ubisoft is on the battle royale Ghost Recon Frontline.

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