a new game under Unreal Engine 5? The first details

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The Mafia 4 rumor resurfaces as Haden Blackman, founder of Hangar 13, leaves the studio. The game would be very little advanced but could use the UE5, the engine of Epic Games.

Mafia 4, here’s a name we’ve been hearing for years… without an announcement from 2K Games. But our colleagues from Kotaku think they have obtained the first details on a project still in the embryonic state.

Mafia 4: a prequel under Unreal Engine 5?

Kotaku therefore understands that Mafia 4 has finally entered production. Nevertheless, no need to get carried away because according to them, the exit is far away. In effect, the game would have just started its development and would be called “Nero” in internal.

This new episode would skip the franchise’s in-house engine, the Illusion Engine, and would choose Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 instead. A tool decidedly very acclaimed on this generation. Tons of studios plan to use this tool like CD Projekt Red for The Witcher 4 which will offer a breathtaking open world, Crystal Dynamics for the next Tomb Raider or The Coalition for Gears 6 and a new license. Even director Neill Blomkamp will use it for his cyberpunk battle royale.

Last information to remember, Mafia 4 would be a prequel to the trilogy original. In 2021, we learned that 2K Games had thrown another title from the studio in the trash. $53 million wasted for nothing.

The development studio loses its founder

In addition to this rumor, a news has fallen: Haden Blackman, founder of the Hangar 13 studio which develops the Mafia series, is leaving the company. The information circulated through an internal email.

Hello everyone,

It is with emotion that I share with you several updates within the management of Hangar 13. Haden Blackman is retiring from the management of the studio and leaving the company to devote himself to his passion in a new project. We are grateful to Haden for his leadership in creating Hangar 13, building and uniting the teams based in Novato, Brighton and the Czech Republic, and for releasing several Mafia games and collections that forged the identity from the studio. What he helped build will continue to thrive for years to come.

Nick Baynes, director in charge of Hangar 13, will take over.

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