a Matrix mod to play Neo and beat up lots of Smith agents

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Sifu is the perfect game for this, so one gamer created a The Matrix mod to control Neo. The modder also went so far as to replace enemies with a slew of Agent Smiths.

Seeing Sifu, we immediately thought that the next logical step would be an adaptation of Matrix by Sloclap. But in the meantime, it is already possible to transform the game to dive into the matrix with a pc mod created by Halfmillz.

I will enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anderson!

In the absence of having a new Matrix game that holds up, we can therefore hack Sifu to learn kung fu with Neo. The chosen one therefore replaces the main hero / heroine of the title, but the modder Halfmillz has gone much further.

To have something more immersive, the Internet user exchanged all the enemies for copies of Agent Smith. What immediately recalls scenes from the first trilogy of the Wachowski sisters. For the sake of fidelity, a green filter – the one used to highlight sequences taking place in the Matrix – has also been applied. Similarly, the modder has gone so far as to implement new sound effects during fights.

If some mods are sometimes approximate, this one is rather impressive as shown by this confrontation against dozens of agents:

But Halfmillz is not at its first attempt. By going to his YouTube channel, we realize that he has already redesigned the game to carefully integrate Batman and Deathstroke, or even Spider-Man for a fight at the top against Venom.

Sifu: the consecration of Sloclap

In just three days, the title from the studio behind Absolver had achieved over 500,000 sales. And less than a month later, the French developers were proud to have sold more than 1 million copies:

Last week, Sloclap also kept his promise to add dubslengths in Mandarin. A long-awaited option which necessarily contributes to strengthening Sifu’s proposal.

So, Sifu x The Matrix, does it do it or not? Is the result up to par? How do you think the modder could make it even better? Tell us everything in comments.

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