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Casey Hudson, a former BioWare (Mass Effect) back for a science fiction AAA. The game is developed within the small team of Humanoid Studios, a Canadian structure.

Casey Hudson, former general manager at BioWare, had chosen to leave the company and not continue the development of Mass Effect 5. Like others, he had preferred to set up his company, Humanoid Studios, which today gives its news. The license changes but the exploited universe remains the same.

A new AAA IP

Humanoid Studios has updated its site and reveals to us that it is working on a brand new AAA game. It will be a title very narrative who will bathe in a sci-fi universe. Here, like Mass Effect.

Our current project is a cross-platform AAA game, with a strong focus on storytelling in a whole new sci-fi universe.

The concept art available in our gallery also speaks for itself. Commander Shepard is not in the game, but players shouldn’t be completely out of their element.

The studio has set itself a mission, that of to offer a magical interactive storytelling under the impetus of a group of talented creatives, in a safe and warm environment. Understand by this that Humanoid Studios will ensure that it does not have a toxic work environment.

A smaller-scale Mass Effect?

The credo of Humanoid Studios is the fulfillment of its developers, regardless of how they work (office, telecommuting or both combined), and the involvement of the latter. The company, for now, is very small because it would only count 17 employeesas noted by our colleagues at VGC, and currently offers 14 additional job offers.

However, this does not seem to diminish the ambitions of Casey Hudson who believes precisely in thn a more confidential organization, where everyone has their say.

We believe in the power of small, flexible teams and a horizontal organization where everyone is empowered to make decisions and contribute to the vision of the project.

Casey Hudson, among others, convinced Izaak Moody (Microsoft, IllFonic) and Melanie Faulknor (BioWare) to embark on this new journey. As for a release date, or even a window, we’ll have to be patient.

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