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The “SEGA Cinematic Universe” expands with a feature film from the cult license Streets of Rage. Derek Kolstad (John Wick) is on the project with the production of Sonic 2, the movie.

Streets of Rage is one of SEGA’s most iconic franchises along with Sonic, Crazy Taxi or Jet Set Radio. A series now coveted by Hollywood for an adaptation in live action. The Deadline site communicated the first details.

A Streets of Rage movie with live actors

Adapting video games to cinema or television is booming and publishers like PlayStation, Xbox or SEGA are stepping up their efforts to get started. And after Sonic, Deadline tells us thata Streets of Rage live-action movie will see the light of day on the big screen.

According to their sources, SEGA has hired Derek Kolstad as Screenwriter. This is the creator of the John Wick saga with Keanu Reeves and the author of Nobody, a John Wick-like with Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul). He is therefore prone to scenarios in which people hit each other. Two companies will take care of the production: Escape Artists (Equalizer with Denzel Washington), and dj2 Entertainment (Sonic the movie 1 & 2) which is also working on an It Takes Two movie.

A future success?

Axel and Blaze in Streets of Rage 4

Can a Streets of Rage movie hit the big screen? Yes, and you just have to see the boxes of John Wick or his ersatz. Especially if Paramount and SEGA do things well with a cast with small onions. Imagine Jean-Claude Vandamme for Axel Stone or Wesley Snipes for Adam Hunter. Attractive, right?

For now, we don’t know the cast, let alone the story. Will the adaptation be based on the scenario of the first episode?

Once peaceful, productive and full of life, the town has fallen to a major crime syndicate whose leader has so far managed to remain anonymous. As violence and terror reign over the city, three young police officers try to create a special combat unit. But their superiors refuse to help them, some for fear of opposing, and others having allowed themselves to be corrupted by the criminal organization. Unable to bear it any longer, the three young people, named Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, decide to drop their careers in the police and save the city on their own. Although they have no weapons, they are excellent in martial arts, and will do anything to free the city from the yoke of the syndicate…

Who’s next ? Yakuza? Many people would certainly like to follow the adventures of Kazuma Kiryū and his companions in dark rooms. In the meantime, Sonic 2: The Movie is a resounding success.

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