a life-size machine is displayed in Paris

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One of the game’s mechanical creatures comes to life with a giant statue on the streets of Paris. Sony is offering other promotional activities in the capital and across the globe.

In order to make people talk about its new PS4 / PS5 exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, the manufacturer has put the dishes in the big ones. If you are in Paris, several activities await you. Direction the 8th arrondissement.

A robot invades Gare Saint-Lazare

For a few days, travelers and passers-by will be able to immortalize their visit in the company of a Life-size Gallop-claw of Skyline Forbidden West. The beast has elected domicile on the forecourt of the Gare Saint-Lazare et this until next February 23 alongside a kiosk that houses PS5 merchandise, including the game. For those overseas, VGC has gotten its hands on a list of cities where the sculpture can be seen.

Moreover, the quays of metro line 3 Parisian hosts an exhibition of eight works of different artists. And before accessing the train, at the level of the escalators and elevators, a gigantic poster adorns the walls of the enclosure. A set of festivities briefly shown in the video above.

When it’s not a gaming machine, it’s aloy who receives his giant statue at the initiative of PlayStation Italy.

A much more aggressive promotion than in 2017 when Horizon Zero Dawn arrived. Despite his status as an outsider, he had nevertheless been able to defend himself by becoming the best start for a new PS4 license and one of the most lucrative franchises for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Obviously, everything remains to be done for the future, but the sounds of the corridor would be encouraging. Sales would indeed be higher everywhere but without figures, no conclusion possible. If the health of the app is solid, we should have an official press release within the week.

Have you been able to see the Gallop-claw with your own eyes? Do you plan to go there in the next few hours? Do you believe that Horizon Forbidden is able to surpass the other excluded in terms of sales?

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