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Often it is the retailers themselves who leak certain game releases. This time it seems to concern a certain Batman Arkham Collection… on Nintendo Switch!

It is the French retailer WT&T which recently listed Batman Arkham Collection on Nintendo Switch. Before the set was removed, we were even able to see a price of 59.99 euros and a date so: August 31, 2022.

Not the first quickly for the French retailer.

Of course, this kind of information should not be taken at face value because in the past there have been quite a few errors, but WT&T has nevertheless been responsible for the leaking of a certain The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch in the past. It still leaves you wondering. All this does not seem so unrealistic.

Given that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is far from seeing the light of day immediately (2023 according to the Bloomberg newspaper), this Switch version of Batman could be the easiest opportunity to wait until the next game of Rocksteady.

Wait and See.

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