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Death Stranding Director’s Cut is back to attack the PC and offers a final trailer. We will find all the content of the PS5 version, as well as some additional options.

Following the PS5 version, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be released on PC with platform-specific enhancements. But before (re)living the epic of Sam Porter Bridges to reconnect a fallen America, make way for the launch trailer. If you’ve never done it, beware of spoilers (even if there was much worse)…

Beautiful XXL landscapes

For this new release on Steam and the Epic Games Store, on March 30, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will not differ greatly from its PS5 counterpart. As usual, you will still be able to go over 60fpsand above all, toappreciate the panoramas through an ultra-wide screen.

Apart from that, you will receive small digital goodies (on both stores)

Excerpts from Titan Books’ ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’ e-book
Backpack patches
Bridges Special Delivery Team Outfit (Gold)
Pattern for BB capsule (Golden Chiral)
Reinforced Gloves (Gold)
Bridges Special Delivery Team Outfit (Silver)
Pattern for BB capsule (Silver)
Reinforced Gloves (Silver)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut: The Definitive Edition

If the purpose and the strength of the game remain, Death Stranding Director’s Cut has given in to the temptation to make the title more “fun” or rather easier. This is evidenced by the additions that can simplify your procedures (support skeleton, cannon to launch goods, etc.), even though the interest is precisely to succeed in identifying your path to fulfill the various missions. Better to skip it.

This complete edition also includes new combat mechanics (electric rifle, dropkick), deliveries, other elements such as turrets, and even activities (shooting range, circuit). There is also a system to relive clashes, all previous DLC (Cyberpunk 2077, Half-Life), and new scripted missions. These allow you to discover a totally new place, the Ruined Factory, not far from the Distribution Center to the west.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available on March 30, 2022 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). It’s also been on PS5 since September 24, 2021.

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