A launch for the year 2023 for the PlayStation headset?

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Sony will offer a State of Play very soon (at the writing of this news) and it will be an opportunity to learn more about the PSVR2. But analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also wants to talk about it. Explanations.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who we know well in particular for his interesting analyzes on Apple products, does it again this time but on PlayStation products and more precisely on the famous PSVR2 which is awaited by virtual reality enthusiasts.

Positive information for the PSVR2

According to Kuo, the mass production of the PS VR2 would be imminent with more than one and a half million units produced in 2022. With the key, a commercialization planned for the beginning of the year 2023. It is on Twitter that you can find the complete information:

My latest supply chain check suggests that the assembler and several component suppliers of the PSVR2 will begin mass production with shipments of around 1.5 million units in the second half of 22. Sony could launch it in the first quarter 23, depending on the development schedule for PS VR2 games.

I think PS VR2 will get off to a good start with support for over 20 manufacturer and third-party game titles at launch. Sony’s position and resources in the video game industry can accelerate the development of AAA VR games (eg, Horizon Call of the Mountain), thereby promoting the growth of VR.

The most notable hardware upgrade for PSVR2 is to start using optical modules. The PS VR1 is not equipped with optical modules. The PSVR2 adopts six optical modules (four 720P IR cameras and two eye tracking cameras). Genius is the leading lens supplier.

A new generation helmet

Optical modules, OLED screen offering a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, refresh rate of 120 Hz, we should clearly be on a good quality PSVR2 headset with a very significant gap compared to the first version.

It only remains to wait for June 2 to have a more precise idea (date of the State of Play).

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