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Hideo Kojima would be on a horror game called “Overdose” and the first details have leaked. So is it the famous cloud gaming project for Xbox or a PS VR 2 launch exclusive?

Hideo Kojima will he finally have the opportunity to work on a horror game, after the cancellation of Silent Hills? It seems so and the project would not date from yesterday if we cross the rumors.

Hideo Kojima on ‘Overdose’ horror game

In an article for Try Hard Guides, the always knowledgeable Tom Henderson reveals thatHideo Kojima Reportedly Has A Horror Game Titled Overdose In Development.

According to the first images he could have in his hands, there would be a young woman in a blue dress… who would be embodied by Margaret Qualley. Which reminds us of Lockne in Death Stranding. But obviously, it wouldn’t be Death Stranding 2… unless this “detail” escaped our insider?

Henderson describes a character walking through dark hallways, flashlight in hand. The game would have a view in the third person but it could also be played in subjective view. It eerily reminds us of that old tweet.

The video would end with a “GAMEOVER” alert message, followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “Overdose”.

A first leaked logo?

The image below appears to be a capture from the video in question.

Nothing interesting ? Yes. Tom Henderson quoted a Twitter member The Snitch, who had tweeted Overdose with the same symbol. Note that the account was newly created with a questionable banner, that of Abandoned, which is not a Kojima Productions production. A secondary account of Tom Henderson to distill information without being noticed?

An exclusive Xbox cloud gaming or PS5 / PS VR 2?

Is this the smallest “edgy” project from Kojima Productions? Rumored Xbox cloud gaming exclusivity? This is one of the possibilities, especially since in the past, Hideo Kojima has been refused a horror game by Stadia. It is also a technology that has interested the creator for a while now.

And on the other hand, the mixture of first and third person view makes us think that it could be a PS VR 2 horror title. collaboration with director Céline Tricart. What do the two have in common? She was awarded for her work in VR…

Death Stranding 2 spin-off or not, Overdose could premiere at Summer Game Fest 2022.

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