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We had the opportunity to test the mid-range headset from Corsair HS65. A nice surprise that will not revolutionize the environment but which remains a very good pick.

With Corsair we are still used to having quality for several years and this HS65 headset is no exception to the rule. The HS65 helmet sports a classic design for the manufacturer and is not going to revolutionize the genre. No problem when you open the box since the product is elegant and has beautiful lines. Available in two colors, white or carbon, the HS65 of our test version is the white version. To come to break the monochrome, some parts are made of aluminum for a rendering of the most beautiful effect. The color of the material is repeated at the synthetic leather ear cups, which also have a nice gray color. Note also that at this level the headset does not completely wrap the ear which does not change the comfort.

Perfect comfort except for big heads

Moreover, comfort is omnipresent with an equally comfortable headband, which is adjustable on the sides of the helmet to adapt to all head sizes. However, if you have a big head like yours truly, the device may still tighten a little after a few hours. Especially if you have a large hair mass. The foam in the headband helps to reduce this effect, but it can still be problematic in the long term.

Contrary to the current fashion which wants to adorn a helmet with many sometimes useless functionalities, this HS65 is satisfied with the minimum union and is made in the simplicity of start-up and use. Only a knob that is used to adjust the volume is present on the left atrium of the device. Beyond that, you won’t find anything else. Lovers of minimalism will appreciate. Too bad it is not possible to adjust the microphone via a button, it would have been a welcome feature.

Quality audio

The most important point of a headset is obviously its audio quality. Corsair is thus relying on Dolby Surround 7.1 technology for its HS65, which is often of very poor quality on most headphones. This Corsair model is not grandiose at this level but still offers a beautiful immersive quality. On a game like Hunt Showdown where sound is paramount, it’s barely audible for some ambient sounds. It’s still better than average for a mid-range helmet of this type. Still, the HS65 sounds pretty clean overall with good bass and treble clarity.

A microphone that does the job

The Corsair iCUE software can anyway, as always, allow you to personalize your listening experience and save different profiles according to your usage habits (FPS, movie, music, etc.). It’s Corsair’s in-house software which is really very qualitative and which no longer has much to prove in terms of performance.

The microphone, the other very important concept of a gaming headset is also of quality here. If it is not removable, it nevertheless has a shape memory system allowing it to be positioned along the helmet when not in use. Even if it is not as convincing as that of the HS80, it delivers a performance that will allow you to be heard in very good conditions.

Technical sheet

  • Price : 89 euros
  • Compatible : PC, PS4, PS5
  • Weight : 282 grams
  • Login : wired
  • Transducers : 50 mm with neodymium magnets
  • Headphone shape : circumaural
  • Spatialization of sound : yes, Surround 7.1 (PC)
  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Microphone : yes, flexible and collapsible pole
  • Microphone frequency response frequency: 100 Hz – 10,000 Hz Noise reduction: passive
  • Or buy ? : Corsair
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