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Bad luck for Blizzard. A gameplay video of a new Overwatch 2 hero has just leaked before its time. Here’s what Sojourn has in store

Less than two short weeks before the opening of the closed beta of Overwatch 2. While waiting for ordinary mortals to finally get their hands on this early version of its FPS, Blizzard is stepping up its communication. And unfortunately a video has just been inadvertently released on the Web.

Gameplay for Sojourn

Little hiccup. Blizzard will present Sojourn, its new heroine of Overwatch 2 in a special live which will take place this Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m. On the sidelines of the event, the publisher has already published a video presenting this new character and his journey. However, the Taiwanese branch of the game made a small mistake and unveiled a gameplay trailer a little in advance. The video released by mistake and immediately deleted therefore shows Sojourn and his cybernetic abilities

Unsurprisingly, the former Overwatch captain will fit into the DPS category. At first glance, its gameplay might seem almost similar to that of Soldat 76, but that shouldn’t be the case. The Canadian is particularly agile and able to glide and fire her main weapon at the same time. The latter has two firing modes, one more classic in the form of an assault rifle, and a devastating ray cannon that can cross several targets at once. For her ultimate ability, she appears to fire a projectile from her arm causing a field damaging affected targets.

Overwatch 2 beta coming soon

The video being entirely in Taiwanese, we will have to wait for its official release to better understand his skills. The most attentive fans will also notice some new outfits of their favorite heroes, including Ashe and Bob, Sigma, Moira or even Baptiste.

Remember that the lucky ones who will have access to the closed beta of Overwatch 2 this April 26 will be able to try Sojourn for themselves. It will also be possible to test the revamps of Sombra, Orisa, Doomfist and Bastion, new maps as well as the new game mode Push.

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